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Order Made!® The restaurant online ordering system.


Let your customers get Delicious Food online!

Wondering who created Order Made!®?

Way back in 1999, Alexis Wilke had the idea of an online ordering system for restaurants that would be accessible to restaurants of all sizes, small to large. This was before Papa John's got their own online ordering system.

However, in 1999, not too many restaurant owners would have gone with an ordering system. Most people were still quite reticent from entering their credit card number on the Internet. So Alexis put the idea on the side and decided that he would create what is now Order Made! at a later time, once it would be worth having for very many restaurants.

In 2007, Doug Barbieri found John B. of Cafe Dolce in Rancho Cordova. John has had several of his customers asking whether they could order from his restaurant online, clearly showing that the restaurant online ordering trend is growing fast now. And that day, the idea was back on the front scene and Alexis started to implement the client side cart feature inside a menu to get Cafe Dolce's customers to order online.

Since, the system evolved with the help of John Codling who determined what features were the most important for many different restaurants (such as having orders sent by fax) and April Sadowski who created the graphics for our website.

Now, we are in full gear offering our system to restaurant owners and caters in the USA and other countries. Make sure you get your slice of the online market!

Alexis Wilke Idea, Coding, Sales
April Sadowski Website Graphics, Copywriting
John Codling Testing, Features, Sales
Doug Barbieri Revival of the Idea, 1st sale, Server, Mailman
John B. Our first, very patient, customer



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