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Order Made!® The restaurant online ordering system.

How To Register

Let your customers get Delicious Food online!


At this time, there are two steps to register for Order Made!®

First, go to the registration page and enter your information (see details below.) That will give you access to the back end of the Order Made!® system. From there you can setup one or more free menus.

You are welcome to use your free menus as long as you'd like.

Once you are ready to let your patrons order online, you want to purchase an Order Made!® license. At that point, we'll make sure that your patrons can order from your menu and that you receive all the necessary information from the order.


As you click in the different fields, you will get help on the right side. The help on the registration page is similar to the help found here.

Login Name

Enter the name of your restaurant. The log in name must be the name you want to use for your restaurant. When you click Register, the Order Made!® server will let you know in case that name is already in use.

The registration page shows you what your restaurant menu URL will be. We enforce that URL to ensure the security of your patrons. The page runs on our secure server.


You cannot change this name later. Choose wisely. It doesn't need to be your restaurant name exactly, but the closer certainly the better.

Password and Confirm Password

Enter your Order Made!® account password, twice.

You will be able to change your password at any time later.

Contact us if you need to recover your password.

Restaurant Name

Enter the name of your restaurant. This name appears on your menu as the title of the menu page. It should be your legal restaurant name.

Contact Details

The remaining fields are your personal details.

First and Last Name

Enter your real name and address. The address will be shown on your restaurant menu, so entering a fake address will not help your patrons find your restaurant.


The email address you enter is the one we will use to communicate with you. For example, we will send you a confirmation of your restaurant registration.

It is preferable for you to use your conventional email address so all communications can be sent to you timely.

Note that this email address will not be used to send you orders. Once you created your Order Made!® menu and purchase a license, we will help you with that part.


Enter a phone number anyone can use to reach you. This is the business phone of your restaurant, a public phone number.

Once you created your account, you can enter a Cell Phone and Another Phone number. Those numbers are not public and we will use them as a last resort unless you tell us otherwise.

Complete Address

Enter the complete address of your restaurant. This address must be exact so your patrons can come to your restaurant to pick up their food or dine in.

At this time, this address is and remains public and required.


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