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The Eternal Menu!

Let your customers get Delicious Food online!

Ever dreamed of a menu that could be changed at any time, stay clean, and be viewed by hundred of thousand of customers?

With Order Made! you have the solution. Well… okay, you cannot use it directly in your restaurant unless all your customers have a computer… But really, think about it, you can get your menu online and anyone at any time can look at it and it won’t get older simply because of that (well, you will need to maintain your menu online for it to remain current.)

The cost of changing a menu every week to include daily specials would be prohibitive. Only really famous restaurants can afford to do that. So people have been looking at other solutions such as a black board at the entrance, a TV screen, a sheet inserted in their menu… and you should continue to do so! That’s good practice.

Yet, with Order Made! you simply edit your menu, change the items, and it just looks as before with these new items. The change is instantaneous so anyone who comes on your website after you made your changes will see the new items immediately (well, there is a feature so items only appear between two specific dates. Very practical if you want something to appear at midnight while you are in bed!) And this will take you less time than calling your printer and get him to print a new menu. That’s for sure.

So even if you just want to use the free version of Order Made! it is a great advantage. It lets your customers and potential customers see your menu and take the right decision: eat at your place!

If you are hungry for more details, check out the Order Made! web page now.

Alexis Wilke



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