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Order Made!® The restaurant online ordering system.

Order Made!® v1.11 released

Let your customers get Delicious Food online!

After many small bug fixes and a couple of enhancement we decided to publish version 1.11.

We had restaurant owners asking us to allow for some margin in the minimum cost requirements. In other words, if they say to their customers that the minimum spending is $25, they still would want to allow orders of $24, or even $20 to go through.

We now allow them to do so with a second minimum entry. So you can define the minimum shown to the customer and the hard bottom minimum cost of an order that you will accept. For instance, you can tell the computer to refuse any order below $10, but tell your customers that you will only accept orders of $15 or more. That way, it gives some flexibility. In other words, your customer will not be refused an order when it is $14.99!

And do not forget, even if your customers do not use Order Made! to place their order, it still is a great way to market your food to them. Your menu will be online, you can make it come to life by putting specials and writing about the exciting events you put together. In brief, it is your front window in the virtual world. A presence that more and more restaurants need to have.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any question.

Alexis Wilke


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